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The Effects of a Newcomer Program on the Academic Achievement of English Learners. (with Monica Mogollon). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (2024)

Book Chapters

The "Missing English Learner" in Higher Education: How Identification, Assessment, and Placement Shape the Educational Outcomes of English Learners in Community Colleges. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (2024), Volume 39. (with Holly Kosiewicz and Kalena Cortes).

Working Papers

Distance to Opportunity: Higher Education Deserts and College Enrollment Choices. (with Riley Acton and Kalena Cortes). Book chapter in preparation for the NBER's Economics and Finances of Higher Education project.

"The Impact of DACA on Occupation Choices Among Undocumented Migrants." (with Aimee Chin and Kalena Cortes)

Policy Briefs and Reports

Select Works in Progress

"The Academic Outcomes of English Learners Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic." (with K. Juree Capers)

"English Learners in Community Colleges." (with Holly Kosiewicz) 

"Exploring the Long-Term Outcomes of Students in Bilingual Education Programs." (with Trey Miller and Gema Zamarro)

The Changing Landscape of States’ English Learner Reclassification Policies (with Alonzo Lepper) Link to Brief
The Academic Outcomes of English Learners Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic (with K. Juree Capers) Link to Brief
K-8 Pandemic Learning Trends: Reading & Math (with Sofia Bahena) Link to brief
The Effect of Dual Language Immersion Programs on Student Outcomes (with Tim Sass) Link to brief
Effects of an Intensive English Program on Students' Math and English Scores (with Tim Sass) Link to brief
Refugee Students and Peer Effects (with Tim Sass) Link to brief
Grade Retention Policies and Student Success (with Kate Canton and Daniel Kreisman) Link to brief

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